Over A Weekend // Perth Love Session

It's our first Love Session done in Perth. Although it was a really short trip, we really love it here as the weather is just right for my lovely couple.

We went about shooting around City of Perth and down the Southern tip of Western Australia. It was really an epic roadtrip but we got what we wanted. As the lights go out on us, we stopped by as we stargazed in the middle of Busselton town. We will unveiled that super shot later as the couple wants to keep it all in a suspense before their wedding day happening later this year in Malaysia and Singapore.

We are, in the midst of planning our Australia Roadtrip / Love Sessions for 2018. Trips to Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Gold Coast and/or Brisbane are on our minds. If you are interested to join us and want to find out more information, we welcome you to drop us an email to mail@knottinvisuals.com and we'll be in contact with you real soon.