Our Destinations for 2019/2020



We are pleased to announce that Destination Pre-wedding Sessions 2019/2020 is now accepting bookings.

Apart from going to our usual destinations, we are also open to explore the path less travel and new exciting destinations.

2019 Travels
BALI - 10 to 13 April (FULL)
SYDNEY - 1 to 4 September (FULL)
MADRID - 7 to 14 September (FULL)

2020 Travels
BALI - Year round (See special offer below)
CAPADDOCIA - April (Open)
PRAGUE - July (Open)

Apart from the above destinations, we are happy to hear from you other destinations of your choice.

Bali Escapade Engagment @ SGD$1800
1 day of photo sessions by KV Team (1 main photographer & 1 assistant)
All unique photos (Color-corrected)
Land transport & driver provided
KV crew’s air ticket & accommodation inclusive

*No gowns/suits for this engagement shoot


We are only limited by our imagination and the world is an absolute wonder. Many would wonder if only memories can be made at those places.

Team Lead - Ryan has traveled to the most remote of places in the highlands of Himalayas and the untouched relics in England. Be awe by where he propose to take you on another adventure and once in a lifetime experience, without breaking the bank.

At a special service fee for any destinations not traveled to and/or photographed in before by Ryan, you are on the next flight out to your dream destination with him.

This Special Package includes:
2 days photoshoot sessions by Ryan
Minimum of 100 color-corrected photos return (High resolution)
No touch-up of photos
40 complimentary 4R prints

You will need to cover for the following:
Ryan’s flight
Land Transport
Travel Visa (if needed)

Chat us up by email to find out about all other package details & pricing.